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Friday, September 15, 2006

Melody Beattie & Lloyd Wright Discuss Hepatitis C & The Grief Club

Contact Radio from 8/24/06
The quartet overcome the technical challenges of 4 people doing a radio interview from 4 different locations with surprising ease. Cameron & Lucia discuss overcoming grief, different types of Interferon, biopsies and the emotional side of hepatitis c treatment with Melody Beattie and Lloyd Wright.
excerpt from Melody's new Book The Grief Club
“When I first learnt that I have HCV, I feel contaminated, untouchable. I want it out of me. It takes two years before the fear goes away. I realize that having HCV- like anything that happens to me- isn’t a mistake. My liver isn’t going to explode. HCV becomes part of my destiny, and learning I have it isn’t a bad thing. It gives me an opportunity to take care of my liver. I realize I’m not dying of LCV- I’m living with it. If I live with HCV the rest of my life, so what? I’m still me."

Purchase Melody's Book OnLine
The Grief Club

The Secret to Getting Through All Kinds of Change

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hepatitis C is Not a Death Sentence

Contact Radio from 7/19/06
Lloyd comes on at the 15 minute mark.

Cameron & Lucia lead a lively discussion of the personal lessons Lloyd has learned through his ordeal of treating his Hepatitis C and what he has learned about the medical industry and people in general. Also discussed is who and where people contract Hepatitis C and the stigma associated with having Hepatitis C is todays society.

Listen Here

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Systematic Medical Reliance on Pharmaceuticals

Contact Radio from 6/22/06
10 years ago Lloyd Wright 1st tested NEGATIVE from Hepatitis C.

After battling the side effects of inteferon and being told to get his papers in order; Lloyd set out to find a non pharmaceutical solution to hepatitis C treatment.

In this interview Lloyd explains the systemic brain washing of doctors and patients in regard to alternative medicine treatments and adresses call in questions about hepatitis c treatment and Melody Beattie's new book.

Listen Here

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