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Saturday, January 02, 2010

FDA Record for 2009

Lloyd Wright is not the only one having rights issues complications with the FDA this past year. Below is a list compiled by Natural Heath and this video series documents a very alarming story.
part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ part 5 ~ part 6

The FDA was hit hard in 2009 with accusations of corruption and criminal behavior. In January, the FDAs own scientists accused management of committing crimes. And in August, the FDA abandoned even the appearance of standing up for safety by declaring that mercury fillings are safe for everyone.

In order to protect its authority and boost Big Pharmas sales, the FDA also went after numerous natural health companies in 2009. Stephen Heuer was arrested by the FDA in January, and by June, the FDA had threatened to seize all natural products that boost immune health and protect against the swine flu.

The FTC also joined the tyranny bandwagon, engaged in a war of threatening tactics against a ministry selling anti-cancer herbs and ultimately ordering them to lie to their customers about their products. The FTC even went after Dr. Weil, threatening him with arrest and imprisonment for daring to accurately describe the immune boosting effects of the astragalus herb.

Topping off the year of tyranny and oppression, in December the FDA staged an illegal kidnapping of herbal formulator Greg Caton who was threatening the cancer industry with his anti-cancer salve products made from Ecuadorian herbs.

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